Frequent questions

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions of our clients. If you have any questions after reading them, contact contact with us

1Where to find Boats Mediterrani?
Very easy! You can find us at Avinguda de la Platja nº41 Santa Margarita - Roses, where the base port from which all departures are made, whether they are departures by boat or jet ski
2I can rent a boat without a license in Roses?
Yes! We have a wide catalog of rental boats without a license in Roses. They have a maximum capacity of up to 7 people. If you do not have experience, do not worry! Our team will teach you the total operation of the boat and the rules to follow, we advance that it is very easy and that you will love it!
3Can I rent a jet ski without a license in Roses?
Yes! You can rent and drive the jet ski yourself, you can even share your experience with a companion on the same jet ski. We also offer you excursions guided by our most specialized monitors. If you are under 16, you can enjoy the experience as a companion. If you are between 16 and 18 years old, you can feel the adrenaline of driving one of our jet skis. You only need parental authorization. If you are over 18 years old, you can enjoy our guided tours without prerequisites. Do not be fooled by the word excursion !, you will feel the adrenaline on the surface on board our 130hp jet ski models.
4How do I reserve a boat or jet ski?
Very easy! Select the boat that best suits your preferences, check its availability and make the payment. Subsequently, you will receive an email containing the reservation confirmation. When you arrive at the rental point, to check-in, you only need to show the confirmation email. Once on board, the only requirement is to have a great time!
5At what time should I check-in?
We recommend you come 15 minutes before your reservation to be able to sign the contract, proceed with the deposit process, finally explain by one of our professionals how it works and show you the good condition of the boat.
6What can not be missing in a day at sea?
Towel, swimsuit, sun cream, sunglasses, water to hydrate well and, above all, looking forward to having a pump!
7How boats are equipped?
Our boats are checked daily and their maintenance is carried out on a regular basis in order to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Once on board the boat, you will see that they are fully equipped with a solarium and comfortable cushions. They have all the necessary safety equipment such as Bimini Awning, Anchor, Cabos and life jackets for all passengers. They also have children's vests. At Check-in we will offer you the option of taking a portable fridge completely free of charge to keep all your drinks cold. Many of our boats also have a Probe, Shower, GPS, electric windlass, stereo with Bluetooth connection, VHF, WC…
8What does the rental price include?
The rate includes the same boat, the VAT, the mooring in our base port, the use of our facilities, the subsequent cleaning of the boat, as well as the previous explanation and maneuvering of the boat. You should know that in the rental of boats and jet skis without a license, gasoline is included in the price. It is important to know that our service includes any type of unforeseen event on the high seas. Any problem with the boat, during the rental, we will try to solve it quickly and safely, sending a technical team to your same location ready to solve any setback.
9Where can I park the car?
In front of our offices, you can find areas that have many parking spaces.
10Is there a fridge on the boat?
Yes, on any boat, whether licensed or unlicensed, you can have a portable fridge completely free of charge. All you have to do is request it during the Check-in. So you don't need to load your fridge from home. The only essential requirement is to bring ice the same day of the rental to keep the drinks cold.
11Is it possible to change the date of my reservation?
Yes, we offer the possibility. In order to change the date of the boat it will be necessary to notify 10 days in advance.
12Are pets allowed?
Of course !, we love animals and are therefore welcome on board.
13Can I rent nautical accessories for my boat?
We recommend reserving nautical accessories in advance to avoid availability problems, but the answer is yes. The same day, during the Check-in, you can rent nautical accessories such as Donut, Nautical Ski or Wakeboard. Unfortunately, we do not have the same possibility to rent boats without a license, since they do not have enough power to be able to practice any nautical sport of trawling with guarantees..
14Is there a minimum age to get on a jet ski or boat?
No, there is no minimum age. That means that there are no limits to navigate the incredible Costa Brava and the magical bay of Roses.
15What happens to the reserve if the sea is not navigable?
It is not very common for this to happen during the summer months due to the good weather conditions and the good Mediterranean climate. But, in the event that that happens, we would change, without any problem, the day of the rental or we would issue you a coupon with a year of validity to specify the date in the future.