We offer a great variety of nautical activities


Rent a boat with license

Rent a boat with license

Rent a boat without license

Rent a boat without license

Rent Jet Ski with license

Rent Jet Ski with license

Rent Jet Ski without license

Rent Jet Ski without license


Experience the ultimate thrill with the latest watersports: Fly Board.

Enjoy this experience in Roses (Girona.)

Still don’t know what Flyboard is?

Flyboard consists of platforms where you put your feet and jets of high pressure water lift you out of the water. These jets make it possible for you to fly over the water and immerse yourself in it like a dolphin. You can also do tricks in the water and on the sea.


Flyfish is an inflatable raft with 3 rows to sit and several grab grips.

The activity is to climb the inflatable while a high power craft drags you by a rope.

Experience strong emotions and live incredible moments aboard a flyfish, jump on the water and even fly and glide several seconds while laughing. Have great fun either alone, or with friends or family.


Parasailing is an water sport that combines a boat trip with air travel.

You can enjoy stunning views of the bay of Roses and / or surrounding areas,  from a privileged point of view, between 150 and 300 meters above sea level.!

To take off, a powerful boat  will accelerate until you rise gently towards the sky to float gently in the air. Once up, the boat will guide you through a system of ropes.


Banana, fantastic fun!

Climb on to this inflatable banana and have fun trying to stay up while a boat pulls the inflatable in all directions.

Closed turns, waves, jumps and fun are waiting for you in this classic summer activity.

Banana is perfect for people looking for intense but moderate emotions.



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